Exploring Turku and the Enchanting Archipelago

Exploring Turku and the Enchanting Archipelago

Journey Through Turku: A Dive into Finland’s Oldest City and its Mystical Archipelago

Unlocking the Secrets of Turku and its 40,000 Islands 

Turku is Finland's oldest city, but far from stuck in the past—it has a vibrant spirit that shines through its charming buildings and thriving local culture. Just a couple hours from the capital, Helsinki, Turku radiates an infectious energy. Most of the city was devastated by a massive fire in 1827, but Turku pulled itself up and kept going. The restored architecture still has old-world appeal while pulsating with modern life.

Beyond Turku lies the breathtaking Turku Archipelago, a chain of some 20,000 islands dotting the Baltic Sea. With so much natural beauty at its doorstep, Turku has become a gateway to outdoor adventure. Hop on a ferry to nearby islands where each has its own personality—some bustle as tourist destinations while others remain quiet hideaways. Breathe the crisp sea air, roam the forests, stop at little island cafés, and explore tiny fishing villages seemingly lost in time. Or just find a bare rock to plant your picnic, dipping your toes in the bracing Baltic as boats glide calmly by in the distance.

Back on the mainland, Turku's creative side reveals itself through mouthwatering cuisine, unique local handicrafts, museums bursting with history, music and cultural festivals all summer long, and some of Finland's most spectacular architecture. Turku is ready to welcome visitors to unlock its secrets—both in the city and scattered across 20,000 islands.